Terms & Conditions

Programs and workshops

  • If a program or workshop is cancelled, a full refund is provided.
  • No refund will be given from 7 days prior to the commencement of the first class.
  • There is no refund or partial refund for no shows
  • If due to illness or unforeseen circumstances Sana is unable to run a face-to-face meditation class, participants can attend another session at another time (when the class is run) at no charge.
  • If Sana or an associate must cancel a workshop or other such face-to-face program due to illness or unforeseen circumstances participants will be given an option of receiving a full refund or joining the same workshop or
    program when it runs again.
  • Full payment is to be made prior to the start of any program, workshop or seminar.
  • All advice provided in workshop material, face-to-face, via webinars or other such platform is provided for information purposes. It is important for people to seek further and specific professional advice (regarding their own
    circumstances) from relevant and trained health and wellness professionals if/when necessary. Sana is not to be held responsible for any action or non-action taken by a participant who chooses to take general guidance rather
    than seeking professional assistance.
  • If you wish to seek professional and specific advice from Sana, an appointment can be arranged for a personal consultation.
  • Arrive on time for classes (15 minutes prior is suggested). Late comers may not be accepted to a meditation session as it can interrupt other participants. No refunds will be provided. Please notify Sana if you are going to be late for a workshop, out of courtesy for the facilitator and participants.
  • Material content may change from time to time. Such changes will be made to improve participant knowledge and/or overall workshop/program experience for a participant.
  • Sana hires venues for workshops and face-to-face programs and works independent of such organisations. If there is an issue with venue operations, furniture, equipment, food or beverages then it is to be brought up with management of that organisation/supplier.
  • For the sake of comfort and relaxation, it is advised that comfortable, loose clothes are worn for meditation. In the cooler months, bring a shawl or blanket as body temperature can drop within the hour.
  • Bring water and a sitting cushion for meditation classes


Can I get a refund or exchange on products?

There is a no refund or exchange policy with regard to essential oil-based products which are made to order. It is important you provide as much information as possible and ask as many questions as you can about the products you are interested in buying or are intended to be formulated for you. If you are having a consultation it is important you provide me with as much relevant information as possible so that the appropriate product can be dispensed.

If you change your mind on having a formulation made there may be an opportunity to stop the order providing the formula has not been bottled. Once a formula has been bottled, it is considered sold.

If a product is posted and is broken on arrival, please take a photo and send to us within 7 days of receiving the product. Include a photo of the parcel box/bag and date it was posted. Discretion will be used to determine whether a refund or replacement will apply.

Other retail products

There is no refund or exchange on products unless there is a fault with the product or if it arrives broken or damaged through the post. If this is the case please take a photo of the product and parcel bag/box (to provide date of postage and any damage to the box/bag) and send to us within 7 working days. Discretion will be used to determine whether a refund or replacement will apply.

If you wish to stop an order this can be done providing a special order has not already been made to the supplier/manufacturer on your behalf. Once an order is made to a supplier and I have paid for it at my end, it is considered sold to you, the customer.


Most products will be posted by Australia Post and be payable by the customer at check out. Australia Post is used. Time taken is dependent on where you live and the time frame of Australia Post. See postage costs. Australia Post determines its postage prices.

Please specify in comments if you give permission for packages to be left at premises if you are not home.

I use recycled packaging for postage wherever possible. All products are wrapped in bubble wrap or equivalent to prevent cracks, leaks or breakages.
Orders will have a tracking number. Details can be emailed to you upon request. Follow up can be made by using the following link: https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/track.html#/track

International orders

International orders are taken for personal products being formulated (aromatherapy-based or bush flower essences) and essential oils.

As postage is different to international orders please send me an email first with your order request. I can then check and provide you with an estimate of the postage rate. You can then place the order via the website. If postage proves to be more expensive (this is found out once the parcel is weighed and costed at the post office) then postage of the order will be postponed. You will be emailed for the balance of the postage fee.

There is no cover for breakage of fragile items. This means glass bottles and jars.
Any additional import or duty tax charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Small items (up to 60gr in carrier medium and 10 ml for concentrates) will be packaged for international postage due to many essential oils having flammability ratings. As the customer making the purchase, you have been aware of this through these terms and conditions and are therefore responsible for any issues that may arise during customs checks and/or during flights.

Health and Safety

Essential oils have traditional, physical, vibrational, emotional, esoteric and psychological uses. Information provided on this website, in programs and program material is offered at a general level. If you choose to use the information provided to you by this website or the author of the programs you do so at your risk as you are using information without seeking proper individualised assistance.

Seek professional help from appropriate health and wellness professionals for any health concerns. A consultation with an appropriate professional will assist you more thoroughly in your search for optimal health and wellness.

Always refer to an aromatherapist formally trained in the professional use, dispensing of and understanding of essential oils. Ideally, such an aromatherapist would be a clinical aromatherapist and/or someone who has had good professional experience in health/health care settings.
If you choose not to go ahead and use the skilled services of an appropriate professional then you, as the customer, minimise the opportunity of choosing a correct pathway for health and wellness. Should any problems arise based on your actions (this may be health, medical, allergic reactions or financially), this website and the seller are not liable/responsible in any way.

Following directions of use on a prescribed formula or individualised product

I will always offer ‘directions of use’ on all products dispensed. This may be on the product, via email or note placed in the parcel. Please follow the instructions provided in order to gain maximum benefit from the product. DO NOT ingest essential oils if it is not part of your directions of use.

As the user of the product, you are responsible for compliance regarding following through with instructions, seeking further practitioner advice for clarification and respecting intellectual/copyright property.

Ingestion of essential oils

I am I am a trained clinical aromatherapist and aromatic medicine practitioner and one of the few professionals with a formal Aromatic Medicine qualification in Australia. This means I am able to advise on oral ingestion however rarely do. If I do it will be done with utmost care for your health and safety.

Essential oils are very concentrated and therefore potent and can cause internal damage if ingested without awareness.
I use practitioner-range essential oils in all aromatherapy-based formulations. It is imperative you follow directions of use. If unsure about how to use please make contact.

Formulation turn-around

Allow 3 to 5 working days for a product to be formulated. Once payment has been made, personalised blends/formulas will be posted.

Palliative care product orders will be prioritised as time is critical in getting product to a person who is reaching the end-of-life stage.

I run a micro- business and occasionally may need to re-order stock before developing your product/s. Alternatives (such as different essential oil/carrier medium selection) may be an option.

Products are handmade to order. I do not carry already made products as I cater for the individual and do not like leaving products on the shelf for long periods of time.

My preference is for you, the customer, to receive the freshest product possible.

Note: During public holidays the turn-around may be slightly longer. My preference is for you, the customer, to receive the freshest product possible.

Note: During public holidays the turn-around may be slightly longer.


Is made via PAY PAL using Master or Visa card. You can pay without registering an account.

You can also call to pay over the phone and a TAP facility is also available.
Direct debit/internet banking (Australian customers) is accepted. Please ensure your name and invoice number are entered as part of the entry line and that a bank receipt has been emailed to the website email. The transaction receipt is to be cited before products are formulated or posted.
Payments are to be cleared prior to orders being posted.

Price changes

Prices can change based on essential oil supply or increased costs from manufacturers and/or farmers. Natural disasters, yield and batches can also influence cost and this cannot be determined in advance.
Prices for workshops, programs, consulting, products and formulas can change at any time. Joyful Living Consultancy reserves the right to make changes effective immediately.

Holiday periods

During extended holiday periods, note that formulas may take longer to make and be posted out due to busy postal periods and my going on leave. I will always endeavour to notify (regular) clients via facebook, text and/or email with enough notice prior.

You may still be able to put through an order or make queries however, orders may not be processed until I return to the office.

Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information is required for practitioner-based services and during registration for workshops and other programs. This is to assist Joyful Living practitioners, trainers and consultants to provide the best service, treatment protocols and take home plans possible.

Joyful Living Consultancy values privacy and will not pass on your details to third parties without your consent. Joyful Living follows the Privacy Act 1998 legislation.

Records policy

Joyful Living Consultancy is required to retain client/patient practitioner-based records for a minimum period of 7 years and where the client/patient is under 21 years for a period of 7 years after he or she would have reached 21 years of age.
If you wish to take your records to another practitioner, a copy will be provided. There is an admin and processing fee of $30. Allow up to 28 days for processing.

Informed consent

Making a practitioner-based appointment and signing up to a workshop or program indicates your consent in partaking in a Joyful Living Consultancy practitioner service, workshop, program, seeking professional advice and/or allowing a product to be dispensed.

Signatures are also taken at the time of the first consultation and registering prior to a program or workshop. A completed form also indicates to Joyful Living Consultancy that you are accepting a product or service.

Treatment of minors

Joyful Living Consultancy does treat and works with minors and holds a Working with Children’s Check. Parents/guardians must complete initial forms and be in the room during practitioner-body-therapy based sessions. If your child is over the age of 16, Joyful Living is willing to work with a minor without adult supervision providing the parent/guardian is aware of sessions.

Association Guidelines

Joyful Living Consultancy abides by association guidelines along with relevant State/National legislation.

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