Courage seeker Sana Turnock invites you to find your courage. As you stand at your edge, there are times when a leap of faith is all you have. 

Joyful Living is dedicated to:

… Helping you find your courage. Whether it means making changes to your business, work place, health or life, Sana is here to help you. We work together to find out what changes are needed and how you go about doing it. Finding courage doesn’t always have to be monumental like climbing Mt Everest. Sometimes it takes courage to understand that incremental changes may be better than one big blast. A fall-out is not what you want. 

Remember, being courageous is different for different people. For some it means starting a business. For others it’s speaking out in the workplace.  For someone else it means learning how to cook or actually following through on your bucket list! You run your own marathon in life. Working on your courage muscle helps you become alive. It’s a great feeling!

When you move through fear and old belief patterns a new inner and outer world begins to present itself. These changes influence your home, business and work life, connection with self and others, and in time, bring about new opportunities, transformation and prosperity as new doors open.

You will understand when you start to consciously make changes in your life but first you have to be prepared to become the change. Courage propels us forward to do things even though we may be scared. We may already feel courageous or maybe we need to cultivate it.

Sometimes courage is all we have to move forward. When you start to make changes happen you become the change. This is what makes us come alive! 


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