Courage Seeker

When a person moves through fear and old belief patterns a new inner and outer world begins to present itself. This transformation influences our home and work life, connection with self and others and brings the opportunity for positive change to happen. When you start to consciously make changes in your life things may not go smoothly at first as you start to get rid of old/current belief systems, fear and/or relationships that no longer serve you.

Courage propels us forward to do things even though we may be scared. We may already feel courageous or maybe we need to cultivate it. Sometimes courage is all we have to move forward.

Making personal change happen and importantly, becoming the change we want to be, is explored through the virtue of courage (and other themes), positive psychology tools and natural therapy modalities. Blogs, articles, workshops and programs are the tools in which information is shared and explored.

Sana’s current research interests on courage focus on how it can foster innovation, positive change and new ways of building relationships in the workplace and beyond.

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