The world of clinical aromatherapy is vast. Sana spent over 20 years studying, teaching, consulting and developing aromatherapy programs. If you are wanting to learn about aromatherapy as a business or don’t have time to take part in full length face-to-face workshops or education programs then tailored sessions could be for you.
These can be done via skype.

I can educate, guide, coach and advise in areas of aromatherapy business (start-up or established), sourcing good quality oils that don’t have to cost the earth, assist you with designing work health and safety guidelines documents, establishing sustainable work practices & more.

Sana is a clinical aromatherapist & aromatic medicine practitioner with qualifications in various natural therapy modalities and adult education. She is also a small business advisor. Sana is a published aromatherapy writer and author. Her areas of interest and specialty are in health care & holistic health business practice.

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