Joyful Living is dedicated to helping people find clarity, direction, courage and focus during times of change in health, life, business or work. Make the Change. Be the Change is the motto of Joyful Living. Holistic approaches and therapies are the tools used to help you find your way.

Joyful Living is dedicated to helping people in two ways:

1. How to use essential oils safely, ethically and therapeutically using application methods that are simple and effective. Sana is a clinical aromatherapist & aromatic medicine practitioner with qualifications in various natural therapy modalities. She writes, consults, and educates in areas of aromatherapy, essential oils in health care & holistic health business practice. Her vision is to have households across the globe use essential oils safely, ethically and therapeutically in simple ways.

2. Making change happen and also becoming the change. When a person moves through fear and old belief patterns a new inner and outer world begins to present itself. This transformation influences our home life, work life, connection with self and others and brings the opportunity for abundance and prosperity as new doors open. You will understand when you start to consciously make changes in your life but firstly you have to be prepared to become the change. Courage propels us forward to do things even though we may be scared. We may already feel courageous or maybe we need to cultivate it. Sometimes courage is all we have to move forward. Making personal change happen and importantly, becoming the change we want to be, is explored through the virtue of courage and other themes and is done so via blogs, articles, workshops and programs on the website. Sana’s current research interests right now are how personal courage can foster innovation, positive change, organisational growth and new ways of building relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Latest from our Blog

Palliative care & essential oil choices

Using essential oils is invaluable during palliative care as they provide numerous benefits in a palliative care setting. Essential oils are made of hundreds of botanical compounds, some of which have been scientifically proven to act in specific ways. Essential oils...

Courage as a muscle

I am a big believer that courage is a muscle that requires training, just like going to the gym. Success happens when you undertake steady and consistent efforts in tackling small challenges. This helps build solid foundations for when bigger challenges arise. The...

What’s in a Latin name?

In aromatherapy Latin names of an essential oil play an important role in identification. In fact, a Latin name on an essential oil bottle is arguably more important than the common name as it provides specific information as to how it can be used. With approximately...

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